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250pc JAR BLUE CRIMP & SEAL Heat Shrink Butt Connectors USA

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    250pc JAR BLUE CRIMP & SEAL Heat Shrink Butt Connectors USA
    S E A L E D F O R Q U A L I T Y
    Sealed Crimp Connectors - LONG NECK RINGS, SPADES, SLIP-ONS & BULLETS
    Long neck allows ring terminals to be
    stackedwith maximum contact
    Superior Contact
    Long neck designed to be insulated with heat shrink tubing
    Long neck ensures proper seal • Unique to NSPA
    Our Long Neck Terminals
    45° barrel allows installer to see wire is fully inserted
    and wire is crimped to barrel
    45° barrel ensures wire is stripped proper length
    Visual Inspection CAN SEE WIRE
    Other heat shrink ring terminals aren’t designed
    to be stacked .. tubing impedes electrical contact
    Inferior Contact
    Never designed to be insulated with heat shrink tubing
    Often a poor seal or tubing impedes stud hole
    Inferior Terminals
    Traditional barrel, user can’t see that the wire is fully
    inserted so unsure if wire is crimped to barrel
    No Visual Inspection CAN’T SEE WIRE
    Formed when metal is stamped, rolled, and butted to create the connector barrel. Should only be used
    with stranded wire and must be crimped in the proper place to avoid opening the seam.
    Formed much like a butted seam, except the seam is brazed together with a solder alloy. May be used
    with solid or stranded wire and can be crimped on any side of the barrel without opening the seam.
    Generally only available for a butt connector or splice. The barrel is created from one seamless piece of
    copper. This eliminates problem of the barrel opening. May be used with solid or stranded wire.
    Brazed Seam & Seamless Connector Advantages
    • Better wire contact • Superior tensile strength • Less voltage drop
    • Prevents wiring failures • Increases current flow • Reduces equipment downtime
    Differences between Butted, Brazed & Seamless Connectors
    Our Sealed Crimp Connector product line is the finest line of “crimp-and-seal” connectors on the market today. The use of
    only the finest components, and an expanded product selection place Sealed Crimp Connectors squarely at the top of the class